Support Wisconsin Grants

Wisconsin grants provide need-based financial aid

to Wisconsin residents enrolled at Wisconsin higher education institutions. This year, more than ever, Wisconsin’s students depend on the continued support of Wisconsin Grants. By investing in Wisconsin Grants, we’re not just investing in individual students’ success; our workforce depends on it, our economy depends on it.

Empower and educate qualified Wisconsin students by helping to remove financial barriers to college and address Wisconsin’s workforce shortages. Expanding the support available will help Wisconsin build its qualified workforce and get our economy back on track.

By funding Wisconsin Grants,

We can support Wisconsin students and create a workforce that’s able to meet Wisconsin’s long-term need. Now more than ever, we need students enrolling in college, so they can enter the workforce prepared to make our state better. WAICU member institutions produce disproportionately high numbers of graduates in critical occupations, like 25% of engineering degrees, 25% of business degrees, 41% of health-related degrees, and 51% of nursing (BSN) degrees.

Thank you for your consideration.

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