Student Ambassadors

The Wisconsin Grants Student Ambassador Program is a civic engagement opportunity for students at Wisconsin’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities.  Student Ambassadors raise awareness of the importance of Wisconsin Grants in their campus communities and among their elected officials.

WAICU Student Ambassador Team


Student Ambassadors are selected based on their leadership abilities and commitment to student opportunity.  The 2018-19 Student Ambassador team is comprised of 14 students:

Alverno College

Leah Badke  Kristine Gomez-Delatorre  Vanessa Sandoval Mora

Milwaukee School of Engineering

Luke Muller  Kari Winkelman  John Williams II

Mount Mary University

Paige Palmisano  Asjura Cole

Pachoua Vang  Alison Bubloni

Silver Lake College of the Holy Family

Benjamin Karnitz  Gregory Washington

Julia Naze  Silver Lake - Telka Kilpatrick

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