Wisconsin Grant helped Concordia graduate fulfill lifelong dream of becoming a teacher

Morgan Marnholtz

Morgan Marnholtz is just starting her career as a teacher, but in many ways the May 2019 Concordia University Wisconsin graduate has been in training for the profession since she was a little girl.

Already in Kindergarten the eager young pupil was taking cues from her mother, who has more than three decades of tenure under her belt at a parochial school in Merrill, Wisconsin. One of Laura Manholtz’s ongoing and most anticipated classroom activities continues to be “Star of the Week,” in which a rotation of students in the first grade is highlighted throughout the year. Each week, Mrs. Marnholtz gives the designated “star” the honor of performing certain classroom responsibilities and presenting a self-constructed poster focused on his or her likes and dislikes.

At 5 years old, Morgan parroted her mother’s methods and made her own “star” poster. Though she misspelled most of the words, the sentiment was clear: Morgan wanted to be a teacher. Morgan held steadfast to that desire throughout her school-aged life, and this fall, she will officially step into her lifelong calling. She’s accepted a position as a middle school teacher in Shawano, Wisconsin.

Though it may seem that Morgan’s career success was imminent from early on, she’ll attest that she couldn’t have done it without her Concordia education—nor the support she received over the past four years from financial aid opportunities such as the Wisconsin Grant.

“Because of scholarships and financial support like the Wisconsin Grant, I’ve been equipped to pass along the same quality education that I received to my future students,” said Morgan. “Thus, these financial gifts not only have a positive impact on my life, but also the lives of the children I will teach.”

Morgan gives credit to several of her Concordia professors for nurturing and honing the skills she naturally gained from a young age through observation of her mother’s work. The personalized and caring approach of Concordia’s professors, combined with Morgan’s maturity, aptitude, and dedication to her studies, helped her quickly rise to the top of her class at Concordia. Her allaround talent and winning personality also extended to numerous other aspects of her life at CUW.

“Attending Concordia shaped me as an individual in ways beyond my career as an educator,” Morgan said. “I was blessed with countless opportunities to grow in mind, body, and spirit through challenging coursework, my participation on Concordia’s track and field team, and my involvement as a small-group study leader. My Concordia education has also led me to some of my most treasured friendships—individuals who will continue to support me as I enter this new chapter of my life.”

Star of the Week drawing
A view of the “Star of the Week” poster Morgan Marnholtz made in Kindergarten.

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