Benjamin Karnitz

Benjamin Karnitz

Hometown: Kewaunee, WI
College: Silver Lake College of the Holy Family
Major: Euphonium Pedagogy and Performance

Why did you choose to attend Silver Lake College of the Holy Family?
I chose this university based on the instructor who was here for my primary instrument. I was also drawn to it since it was close to my home in Kewaunee and I was able to get away from home while still being close enough to my house that I could go there if I needed to.

How has financial aid impacted your college experience?
I am able to get things for school when I need instead of depending on my parents. I also have been able to afford my major. Other majors have to buy countless books for their degree, and so do I, but above that, I am also expected to buy all of my own sheet music. It is a good expectation to have, however it can be frustrating at times. Because of financial aid, including the Wisconsin Grant, I am able to buy the things I need for my major.

What will a college degree mean for you?
A college degree for me is going to mean that I have done something for myself. I struggle to put myself first, but I decided to go to college for what I truly had a passion for, which is music. Getting this degree will not only mean that I have become successful on my own. It will allow me to further my education so that I may go out into the world and share what I have learned with those who have the same goal in mind.

Have you learned something during college that you didn’t expect?
I do think that I have learned more than I anticipated. I thought that going to college was going to be an experience where you learn, have fun, struggle, and make the friends that you keep the rest of your life. While all that has proven to be true so far, I also have allowed myself to be taught by experience and the example of those around me (professors and other professionals at the College) on how to live a professional and well-mannered life. I thought that was the life I was leading, but it turned out that I had quite a bit of growing up to do, but that’s okay!!!

What are your plans after graduation?
After I graduate from my undergrad, I will be completing a dual masters in euphonium performance and a masters in education. I am not sure where yet I plan to go, but I do have a few universities in mind.

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