Alexandria Kline – Luxemburg

Name:  Alexandria Kline

Hometown:  Luxemburg

Course of Study:  Fashion Merchandise Management and English – Writing for New Media (Double Major)

Why did you choose Mount Mary University?
I chose Mount Mary University because I loved the idea of moving from a small high school to a college that also had small class sizes. The independent attention I received from my advisors, professors, and all faculty members has allowed me to grow both academically and personally on my journey at Mount Mary University. The transition from a small farm town to a bigger city, such as Milwaukee, has been smooth due to the positive reinforcement and caring environment that Mount Mary provides.

How has financial aid impacted your college experience?
Financial aid is something I feels so blessed to receive. I pay for college with little help, so receiving a grant like this has allowed me to focus on my studies without significant financial stress piling on. I have worked two student worker positions and one part-time job, so this grant has allowed me to not add on another job while taking on a full-time student workload.

Did receiving financial aid impact your decision to attend Mount Mary University?After touring Mount Mary, I knew that’s where I belonged. The atmosphere was easy to fall in love with. Getting the Wisconsin Grant has allowed me to go to my number one college pick. Affordability plays a huge role when considering colleges, especially for students like me, so having this grant has truly been a blessing.

What will a college degree mean to you?

Obtaining a college degree is my dream. I think back to being laughed at in high school when I told some students I wanted to attend a four-year college. After pulling my grades up and being accepted into my dream college, I was that much closer to achieving my goal. Now, being in college and making academics a priority has made it even closer to a reality.  No matter where life leads me after college, I know that I will always be proud of proving that so much is possible when you work hard.

Have you learned something during college you didn’t expect?

I started out college with a Fashion Merchandise Management major. After taking a few English core classes, I found my love for writing and wanted to incorporate that into my degree. After being introduced to the English – New Media writing major, I realized that I could use new media to compliment my fashion major. With these two majors, I had the opportunity to take on an internship that included handling the Mount Mary CREO fashion show social media platforms. It was a unique, real-life experience that helped me realize the value education has when pursuing one’s dream job. Without attending Mount Mary University, I would not have had that amazing opportunity, which helped me realize where I wanted to end up in the workforce.

What are your plans after graduation?

After I graduate from Mount Mary University, I plan to work for a corporate retailer or magazine headquarters where I can work as a digital media specialist.  My love for fashion and media engagement has allowed me to be successful in both of my degrees and really care for the people I provide content for.

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