Vianney Winger – Evansville

Vianney Winger EdgewoodName:  Vianney Winger

Hometown:  Evansville

Course of Study:  Graphic Design

Why did you choose Edgewood College?
I felt that Edgewood College did a great job at building an individual’s character and encouraged students to explore and develop their understanding of the world and how they can improve the world around them through their career. Faculty seemed to be interested and invested in students’ success, which was very encouraging.

How has financial aid impacted your college experience?
It has allowed me to attend a school that I love and has helped to not only prepare me for my field in the working world, but to also build my character and how I see the world around me, which is something I was not getting at my previous school.

What will a college degree mean to you?
It will mean that I have succeeded in showing that dedication pays off! I will be the first in my family to earn a bachelor’s degree, and I take pride in setting an example for my siblings. It will mean that I have overcome my obstacles and achieved my goal of earning a degree.

Have you learned something during college you didn’t expect?
Yes, I have. I’ve learned a new way of thinking and a new way of interpreting the world I live in.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to seek a career in Graphic Design/Web Design.

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