Gavin Xaviar Jones – Oxford

Gavin Jones Ripon College
Gavin Jones is a first-generation college student pursuing his degree at Ripon College.

Name:  Gavin Xaviar Jones

Hometown:  Oxford

Course of Study:  Undeclared

Why did you choose Ripon College?
Ripon College is very close to where I live, and the people there were very welcoming. This was a nice contrast from the other colleges that I had visited. The professors I had met were amiable and more involved with students. Other colleges provided only lectures and dismissals. It felt like a great environment for learning since the first time I visited, and that is why I chose Ripon College.

How has financial aid impacted your college experience?
Financial aid has significantly assisted me, and I would not have been able to afford post-secondary education without it.

What will a college degree mean to you?
A college degree means getting the career I want, as well as being the first member of my family to get a degree.

Have you learned something during college you didn’t expect?
I learned that real life starts the moment you graduate from high school, and that everything is different than the rest of my life ever was.

What are your plans after graduation?
My plans after graduation are to either immediately enter the career of my field of study or to seek further education.

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