Marcus Schmidt – Waukesha

Markus Schmidt Carroll University
Marcus Schmidt plans to sit for the CPA exam and work in the accounting field after his studies at Carroll University.

Name: Marcus Schmidt

Hometown: Waukesha

Course of Study: Accounting—CPA Emphasis

Why did you choose Carroll University?
I chose Carroll because it’s local, class sizes are small, and I was offered generous financial aid.

How has financial aid impacted your college experience?
Knowing I will have less debt after graduation than I otherwise would relieves some anxiety about the burden of repaying my student loans as I begin establishing my career.

What will a college degree mean to you?
Earning a college degree will allow me to be a financially independent, contributing member of society.

Have you learned something during college you didn’t expect?
I have learned a lot about culture and a variety of subject areas outside my major thanks the the liberal arts education I’ve received at Carroll. In particular, I didn’t expect that taking a history of photography class would rekindle my interest in pursuing art as a hobby.

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to sit for the CPA exam and seek full-time employment in the accounting field.

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