Nicole Broz – Waterford

Nicole Broz
After earning her biology degree at Viterbo University, Nicole Broz plans to pursue dental school at Marquette University.

Name: Nicole Broz

Hometown: Waterford

Course of Study: Biology major/Spanish minor

Why did you choose Viterbo University?
I chose to attend Viterbo University for many reasons. The first main reason is the instant attraction that I had to the campus. Viterbo is a small campus with the feel of a tight-knit community. It is a great school, and the cost became comparable to a state school because of my scholarships, grants, and financial aid.

How has financial aid impacted your college experience?
Financial aid has made this school much more affordable to me, and I am so thankful to have gotten financial aid.

Did receiving financial aid impact your decision to attend Viterbo University?
Yes! Without the financial aid, I could not afford to come to Viterbo. It definitely made a huge impact when it came time to select which school I would be attending.

What will a college degree mean to you?
Having a college degree is something that I’ve always known that I wanted. Ever since I was in elementary school, I knew that college would be my path. I think that having a college degree makes life simpler. Although it is a lot of work to earn the degree, it will open so many doors for my future.

Have you learned something during college you didn’t expect?
I have learned that life is a lot more expensive than it seems. After being supported financially my entire life, going to college really put things in perspective for me. I didn’t realize how much rent, utilities, groceries, gas, etc. added up until I started to get bills. I think that living off campus has been an incredible learning experience, and it feels satisfying to figure out my budget and finances. I have really learned how to stretch my budget with coupons and by limiting myself from going out to eat or going to the movies. Being strict with money is essential during college.

What are your plans after graduation?
After I graduate with my BS in biology, I plan to attend Marquette University for dental school, with hopes of opening my own family dental practice someday. I would love to stay in Wisconsin for my graduate school, and Marquette has always been my number one choice.

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