Infographic WI Grants

Infographic as PDF

Did you know?

  • By 2020, 62 percent of all jobs will require education beyond high school. Currently, 42 percent of Wisconsinites hold an associates degree or higher.
  • The median annual wages of college graduates (ages 25-59) are $61,000 compared to $36,000 for high school graduates
  • Over a lifetime, graduates from four-year colleges earn $1 million more than high school graduates.
  • The Wisconsin Grant maximum award has not increased since 2006.
  • The number of students applying to WAICU members, WTCS, or UW System, whose families could not contribute toward their higher education was 82,080, or about 37 percent of all applicants.
  • Nationally, 77 percent of adults from families in the top income quartile earned at least a bachelor’s degree by the time they turned 24. But only 9 percent of people from the lowest income quartile did the same.

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