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2019 Wisconsin Grants Information

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Did you know?

  • Nationally, estimated bachelor’s degree attainment rates by age 24 were 5 times higher for those in the highest income quartile than for the lowest income quartile (58 percent vs. 11 percent) in 2016.
  • It is estimated that any increases in financial aid targeted at students below the 45th percentile of parental income will be be self-financing in terms of future tax revenue.
  • In order to achieve Wisconsin’s goal of a 60 percent attainment rate by 2027, it is essential to provide opportunities to individuals who may not otherwise be able to pursue higher education.
  • Median weekly earnings for high school graduates are $712, while median weekly earnings for those with a bachelor’s degree are $1,173.
  • The Wisconsin Grants program consistently lags behind Minnesota’s need-based financial aid program, the Minnesota State Grant. Minnesota enjoys a return on its investment with its annual mean wage exceeding Wisconsin’s.

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